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Black like Me?

“To be Young, Gifted and Black.” I personify that phrase. Many of my friends and family do as well. How many White people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s know that expression? To whom is this expression attributed? This blog entry is to briefly test how far we have come as a society…in the 21st Century…in these United States. I did a show this weekend at New York Comedy Club. As I was waiting in the front of the bar to be called by the host to perform, one of my comic friends who was running the box office and I started a conversation....

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A Disgrace in Sports

So far this blog has stayed on the topic of sports. I’m sure it will vary week upon week but for now why blow a good thing? I’m a big fan: have been since childhood. (my very first blog entry hints at that). Back in the day, whether as a child or a young man, my passion towards sports have run high. When the Yankees lost the World Series against the Dodger, I sat in front of the TV in my Grandparent’s living room tears running down my face with the glow of the set giving me nothing but cold comfort. A few months went by and at...

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Let me state immediately that I wanted Carmello but in the off season. I felt that, barring the Collective Bargaining Agreement, we could have acquired him without giving up anybody. Anybody. Is he a future Hall of Famer? Potentially. Can he make your team better immediately? Certainly: he’s an impact player. My contention is we had a solid core (Felton, Chandler, Galinari) that could have brought us easily into the playoffs (it’s the Atlantic for crying out loud). Why feel forced about making a transaction? My take is that Donnie Walsh...

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Hello good people and welcome the first posting of Reg’s Rants or Ramblings. This, along with the website has been argued to have been a long time coming. For me, like most things, it has happened at the right time. My plan is to offer my opinion on things near and dear to me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Maybe it will spark a response, create a smile or piss you off. And away we go…   The Knicks I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid. My early remembrances were being given a book about the ’72-’73 champions by...

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